Sunday, November 14, 2010

Building a Time Machine

I recently decided to start a widow/er group in my area. A line from the movie "Field of Dreams" kept playing over and over in my head "If you build it, they will come." I figured I couldn't be the only one here, wishing I had a network of friends that understood what I was going through. Turns out I was right. Friday we had our first activity. It was at a local winery, we had dinner and there was live music, and we just talked. There were five of us. The next day two more joined our group. We will meet again next month. Its hard to wish for new members, as the things that have to happen to make one eligible, are just terrible. Yet I know there will be others that find themselves, lost, feeling alone, unsure. I never imagined I would need to belong to such a group. This was not my story. Yet here I am.

I just watched "The Time Traveler's Wife". I know I am a little late to this one. I have missed a lot of things these past eight months. It was a great movie, better than I expected. I, of course, ended up in tears at the end of the movie. This woman received the one gift I wish for more than any other, one last embrace. Just one more time in his arms. Just one more time in my "home".


  1. Jeannie, we both read The Time Traveler's Wife and liked it, before Jerry was ever diagnosed. When we watched the movie, he'd already been having radiation treatments... and I cried through the end of it. Not sure when or if I'll ever have the strength to watch it again.

  2. Everything that I start to type looks dumb as I try to respond to these beautiful, sad posts. Jeannie, you are doing amazing things to help people. And in the process, you are helping yourself and your family heal too.

    Winery!? Sounds like my kind of place!